Q-GRAFT® SVF cell harvesting at the point-of-care

The new compact Q-graft® system for the intraoperative separation and collection of adipose regenerative cells – stromal vascular fraction (SVF) and adipose stem cells (ASC) – will enhance and facilitate the research and clinical applications of adipose derived regenerative cells in many therapeutic indications. The Q-graft® system consists of • the single-use Q-graft® collector and • the device Q-graft® control. The Q-graft® collector allows to collect and concentrate the lipoaspirate and to separate the regenerative cells (SVF and ASC/adMSC) in one sterile closed system, directly on the sterile instrument table in the operating room or in the research laboratory. The corresponding control unit Q-graft® control regulates the functions of the single-use Q-graft® collector. The Q-graft® collector is placed on top of Q-graft® control, directly on the sterile operating or instrument table. Q-graft® control regulates the warming and mixing of the lipoaspirate during incubation, and the cross flow filtration during the concentration of the SVF cell suspension. The lipid free SFV cell suspension is directly sampled from the sterile Q-graft® collector into a syringe via the CELLS port.

•Standardized, sterile fat harvesting: SVF cell separation in a standardized process – in a closed system – on the sterile OR instrument table.
•The special enzyme Humanase® (GMP grade) provides the exact dosage of collagenase for one separation process.
• Highly efficient separation, concentration and collection of high numbers of viable, lipid-free regenerative cells (SVF, ASC, MSC). right on the sterile operating/instrument table.
• Sterile sampling of regenerative cells: The lipid free SVF cell suspension is directly sampled from the CELLS port of Q-graft® collector into a syringe via Luer connector.
• Time and cost saving: optimum tissue dissociation. Heating of the lipoaspirate to 38 degrees Celsius and effective mixing in the Q-graft® collector.
• No laboratory and no centrifugation required. No
transfer of tissue or cells outside the operating
room, e.g. to a laboratory and back