Body-jet® Eco

The body-jet eco is a new version of the body-jet dedicated to lipofiller, with preset parameters to obtain a high cellular vitality tissue. Portable for use in all surgical specialties where lipofiller therapies are performed.

The innovative body-jet® eco has been designed for the precise and gentle removal of small fat tissue volumes that may be used for subsequent autologous fat transfer. A pulsating water-jet combined with a tissue-sparing, defi ned vacuum allows harvesting intact and highly viable fat cells from the subcutaneous fat tissue in a gentle way.

The gentle water-jet technology helps to avoid side effects that may develop in the donor area as a result of a “dry”, manual liposuction, as well as damages to the fat cells often resulting from a too- high syringe vacuum.

•Many years of experience in water-jet applications
•Sterile, closed-loop system for fat harvesting
•Easy to transport thanks to its limited weight and ergonomic shape
•Modern design combined with a clear and intuitive operating concept
•Optimized for small volumes in fat grafting and liposuction
•Economical to use – your treatment expenses are reduced
•Very fine fat consistency of high viability allows working precisely in small body areas
•Time saving in comparison with conventional methods
•Further treatment of the aspirated tissue such as filtration or centrifugation is not necessary

Filler Collector

Most effective complete system for collection, washing, filtration and concentration of fat tissue

The FillerCollector® is a modern system for harvesting small to medium volumes of fat.
The reusable FillerCollector® is a fast, simple and fat-sparing system that works without the need of extra filters.
The unique design permits the continuous separation of the fat from the irrigation fluid and does not require the use of a centrifuge, or other treatment to prepare the adipose tissue for grafting.
When using the FillerCollector® together with the water-jet assisted liposuction method (WAL), micro fat droplets of high quality can be harvested and, at the same time, adverse effects caused by exposure of the fat to the tumescent fluid and unnecessary handling are reduced. This gentle method significantly improves the chance of long-term survival of the grafted fat cells.